Trust & Estates Attorney

We are in search of an experienced, highly-skilled Trust & Estates Attorney to handle matters pertaining to probate, inheritance, trusts and estates. Trusts and estates work can include aspects of family law, taxation law, business law, inheritance law and probate law, as well as community property, joint ownership and charitable gifts. You will be a trusted advisor, provide advice for and draft documents pertaining to estate planning, wealth and property distribution, charitable planning, and wealth management.

Probate & Estate Planning Paralegal

This is a hyrbid role requiring experience in both Estate Planning and Probate. Opening to closing of probate estates and managing the entire client process, including follow-up with new and existing clients. Communicating, via phone and e-mail, with clients and their trusted advisors. Handling case management from inception of file to close of matter.

Must be familiar with:Fiduciary income tax, Gift tax, Private foundations, Transferring title to securities and other assets, IL QTIP procedure, Charitable entities, Federal and state estate tax refunds, Monthly and quarterly Income and Expense Statements, Asset allocation spreadsheets to fund marital and residuary trusts, Inventory of assets, Principal Income Accountings for trusts and estates, First Current Accounts and Petitions for presentation in probate court, Maintain banking records for clients, Pay monthly bills for certain clients, Obtaining tax identification numbers for trusts and estates, Transferring insurance policies to Irrevocable Trusts, Responding to client inquiries via phone and e-mail, Estate Plan Document generation and review. You have outstanding software skills, including ProLaw and ProSystem FX.

About us:

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