David Arndt co-authors Special Needs Advocacy Tool Kit

“For most families and disabled adults this advocacy journey is “a marathon, not a sprint.” The emphasis must be on taking care of yourself and your family in order to take on the long-term role of advocate. Don’t underestimate the value of getting some exercise, having a routine, eating well, laughing, taking deep breaths to relax, and surrounding yourself with positive people. This can be hard to do sometimes when facing so many challenges. Also, remember that each member of


Robert Holloway featured on WBZ radio

Our own Robert Holloway, former Massachusetts Bar Association President, joins WBZ in studio to offer a crash course on how to get the legal help you need, whatever your problem might be. To listen to the Podcast, click here.    


What is “In Terrorem,” you ask?

Trust and estate planning, administration, and related litigation are all major focuses of our firm’s practice.  We have had the pleasure of representing thousands of clients in all aspects of those areas.  At all times we endeavor to advise our clients so as to attempt to avoid litigation.  However, sometimes litigation is simply unavoidable. Very recently our office was successful in obtaining a judgment in favor of our client, the personal representative of his uncle’s estate, after a five-day trial