Estate Planning Update – Estate Recovery Alert

Governor Baker’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget includes a proposal that would allow Mass Health estate recovery from non-probate assets.  The current law defines an “estate” against which recovery can be made as “all real and personal property and other assets includable in the decedent’s probate estate under the General Laws”.  Governor Baker’s proposal would apply to individuals who become eligible after July 1, 2016 and seeks to define such estate as: any interest in real and personal property and other


Duties of Stockholders of Close Corporations

Many smaller business owners elect to conduct their enterprise in the form of a corporation or limited liability company.  In doing so, they recognize the benefits this form of entity provides such as limited liability and perpetual existence, among others.  However, what may be underappreciated is the nature of the obligations and duties stockholders of close corporations and members of limited liability companies owe to one another and to the entity itself.  These obligations and duties are fiduciary in nature. Business owners would


Employment Law Food for Thought

Running and growing a business is stressful enough in today’s economic environment without having to deal with personnel problems.  Don’t let the technical requirements relating to employees and your obligations to them create added stress.  There are several areas where sound planning and attention to detail can help business owners prevent many of the problems that can arise when dealing with employees. Worker’s Compensation Insurance All employers know, or should know, that they are required to provide worker’s compensation insurance