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Caller ID Spoofing and what you need to know

MHD&S, like many local businesses, has recently been notified of a practice known as “Caller ID Spoofing”, in which a caller deliberately falsified their own telephone number (replacing it with ours) to disguise their identity. No matter how official a call may sound, if the caller has a name you do not recognize from our attorney/staff listing and is asking for any personal information, it is a phishing scam. According to the FCC, unwanted ID Spoofing and Robocalls account for


David Arndt co-authors Special Needs Advocacy Tool Kit

“For most families and disabled adults this advocacy journey is “a marathon, not a sprint.” The emphasis must be on taking care of yourself and your family in order to take on the long-term role of advocate. Don’t underestimate the value of getting some exercise, having a routine, eating well, laughing, taking deep breaths to relax, and surrounding yourself with positive people. This can be hard to do sometimes when facing so many challenges. Also, remember that each member of